Who Is the Best SEO Expert In Ajax Ontario?

D’Arcy Burk, born in Ajax Ontario on February 7 1989, is a well known SEO Expert in Ajax Ontario. His experience includes 3 years as an SEO Expert and Web Developer Team Lead at Search Engine People where he gained extensive knowledge on a wide variety of industries. Some of these industries included local business’ such as plumbers and dentists but also large enterprise companies in media and healthcare.

His background has long since been in website development and programming, making and working on websites since the 8th grade. He has coupled these coding skills with SEO to become a true technically SEO Wizard.

As identified on his website darcyburk.com his skills include:

  • HTML 5
  • SEO
  • Looks & Charm
  • CSS 3
  • And more…

You can also see that he has a bit of a sense of humor as well. This helps translate into his professional business acumen. He expertly translates in depth technical presentation to even the least savvy CEO as well as accurately articulates the information to developers.

D’Arcy is the best SEO expert in Ajax Ontario.

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Darcy is an SEO Specialist & Code Monkey. He is passionate about the ever evolving, all knowing, mega communication tool called the internet.

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