Mississauga HVAC Customer Case Study

I have been working with this customer for longer than any other in my portfolio. I have had the privilege of implementing a wide array of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics for them over the years. Two main strategies stick out for this client that lead to much of the success that we have seen over the years. Both are content related.

Service Content Expansion

When i took over this client’s website, they had only a couple of pages to cover their wide array of services. I looked at the industry to see how some of their competitors were winning with SEO. It was clear that those that ranked well, had divided their content into Heating/Furnace and Cooling/Air Conditioner sections. I took that strategy one step further and created unique pages for each of their services, installation, repair and emergency repair. I also created pages and content for their other HVAC related services. This strategy kicked off their traffic growth as they were now able to rank for more keywords, related to move of their services.

DIY Content Creation

A strategy which I still execute on to this day for this client has been the creation of DIY content. Each month I post content that helps answer this client’s customers most common questions around HVAC. From something as simple as “how to install a furnace filter” all the way up to “our complete guide to furnace beeping noises”, this strategy has proven to not only drive organic traffic, but also convert this traffic into customers. Two big wins that came from this campaign were from two articles which produced features snippets in Google’s search results.

The first was an article about air conditioner beeping noises.
air conditioner beeping noise

And the other was about the furnace shutting off before reaching temperature
why does my furnace shut off before reaching temperature

These two pages account for 900 users per month to the site.

Next Steps

As I continue to work with this customer, DIY content generation remains our focus. With the recent announcement about Google’s new rich result and schema for “how-to” type articles, adding helpful imagery and marking up these DIY pages is a top priority.

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