Monthly Archives: May 2019

Event Management Client Case Study

This customer had a unique ask for me. An ask for a campaign which I have not previously run before. It was a 1 month, high budget blitz type campaign to maximize exposure round their “baby show” event. Now I have run many Google Ads and Facebook campaign before but typically I run these campaigns […]

Toronto Life Coach Customer Case Study

Working with this customer over the last year has been a joy. Constant engagement and feedback on my strategies and initiatives has been a driving success factor for my optimizations. This client was already doing some great work when it came to unique content generation through video blogs and facebook live videos. Currently she ranks […]

Mississauga HVAC Customer Case Study

I have been working with this customer for longer than any other in my portfolio. I have had the privilege of implementing a wide array of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics for them over the years. Two main strategies stick out for this client that lead to much of the success that we have seen […]